Styling No fuss, no gimmicks.

The Lee Stafford mission is to help you create the hair you actually want. Like anyone on-the-go knows, life can move pretty quickly, so we’re here to make sure your hair isn’t left behind!  

Each product from the Lee Stafford Original Pink Styling Collection has been formulated to do EXACTLY what it says on the bottle. Removing the guesswork from creating the hair you actually want, each styling and finishing essential from the Lee Stafford line up allows you the freedom to produce double tap worthy looks in minutes.   A line up of award winning styling staples designed to tackle your toughest looks at home.

From lazy girls to killer curls, poker straight or last minute date, liberate your hair with Lee Stafford haircare.  Whether its perfect waves, undone texture or the ultimate slick back top-knot, every product within the Lee Stafford styling and finishing line up has been designed to ensure your hair is just so.  For you that might mean not a hair out of place, perfection.  For others that means hair that looks perfectly imperfect every time.  Either way, we’ve got you.  With buildable, hardworking and lightweight formulations each product can be used on its own or even cocktailed with others in the collection to get your hair how you want it and fast.

No fuss, no gimmicks, just problem solving powerhouse products.