A regime for hair that has been pushed to the limit!

We’ve all done it. We have brushed, styled, bleached, processed, heated and broken our hair. There comes a point where your hair can take no more. But don’t worry – we have the answer – Lee Stafford Hair Apology. Turn the clock back on damage and transform hair that has reached breaking point.

Our new Repair Collection, Hair Apology, has been formulated with exotic Capuaçu Seed Butter to restore hair elasticity, Cacao Seed Butter to heal and soften, while vitamin E, Aloe Vera and sunflower extract deeply nourish hair from within. This game-changing Hair Repair range is packed full of sustainably sourced vegetarian and vegan friendly ingredients that leave hair impossibly sleek, soft and strong from the very first use. Yes, from the very first use.

Go on, say sorry to your hair. Put the love back in and make friends with your hair again.