Coco Loco
Great hair in
a nutshell

Are you looking at my Coconuts?

We love an ingredient story here at Lee Stafford HQ. And we especially love one that means we get to say things like ‘Are you looking at my Coconuts’ or ‘Go on shake your Coconuts.’

Beneath the husky hard shell of a coconut, lies a hidden treasure trove of powerful hair enhancing ingredients. This almighty fruit contains a powerful and hydrating oil that is packed with coconutty goodness, forming the core of the Lee Stafford Coco Loco collection.

Packed with Coconut Oil to deeply moisturise locks, each product in the Coco Loco line up has been lovingly created to help transform parched and damaged hair back to its former glory. Rich in lauric acid, which has a natural affinity for hair protein, Coconut is one of THE best oils to really penetrate the hair shaft. By reducing protein loss within the cuticle which in turn prevents damage, each product in the Coco Loco Collection ensures hair is stronger, shinier and healthier with a head turning coconut fragrance that lasts all day long!

Great hair in a nutshell!