The Original Magic Wands Multi Curler

Hair Curler

This heat styler offers complete curl power with 3 interchangeable curl wands, so you can always switch up your style. Whether it’s beachy waves full of attitude, iconic corkscrew curls full of drama or some sleek, smooth, volumized curls full of glamour – this tool can do it. From effortless waves and curls to those not so effortless curls. These Magic Wands create different size and shape curls on demand.

  • 3 styling tools in 1
  • Interchangeable Curling Wands 10mm, 32mm and 32-25mm
  • Fast heat-up time – 200°C in only 30 seconds
  • Cool tip for a steady grip
  • 3m flexible heat resistant swivel power cord
  • UK/EU plug adaptor

Packaging may vary


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Lee Stafford

Lee's Tips

“Always use heat protection when using hot styling tools. My Comb out the Curl Comb is fantastic for finishing waves and curls making them look effortless.”


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  • Description
  • How to Use

Complete curl power with the brand new 3-in-1 Magic Wands Multi Curler from Lee Stafford.

A multi-tasking styler that features three styling tools in one! With 3 interchangeable curl wands, simply change the detachable ends to switch up your style instantly. Create different size and shape curls on demand.  Try the iconic corkscrew curls micro-wand for a statement style. The tapered 32-52mm wand mixes up those curl sizes for beachy waves for and the large 32mm wand gives effortless Hollywood hair.

Each ceramic barrel attachment has been designed to rapidly hit 200°C in just 30 seconds. The heat spreads evenly and consistently, leaving curls naturally defined and long-lasting.

Superfast heat for a whole range of curls on demand.  Another Lee Stafford styler that is all about effortless, wearable hair that makes you feel confident (and quickly).

Always ensure hair is fully dry and tangle-free before Curling with the Magic Wands. Before plugging in the Magic Wands, connect the chosen Curl Wand attachment.  Then plug into a mains supply.  Switch on by sliding on the On/Off button towards the ON position. Only ever change the Curling Wand (barrel) when the styler is unplugged and cool. Simply press the button to pop out the barrel attachment.

Simply take a section of hair and slowly wind around the barrel aiming the barrel downwards. Hold the hair in place for 10 seconds, resting your finger on the cool tip. Slowly unravel the hair from the barrel to produce a beautiful curl. Allow the hair to cool in order to set the curl. For loose waves, wrap larger sections of hair around the barrel. For tighter curls, wrap smaller sections of hair around the barrel. For extra volume and a more effortless look, brush through curls and waves. Set the style with a mist of our Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hairspray, or for lighter hold with more movement, use our Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Look after me!
Make sure the unit is switched off, unplugged and cool.  The Multi Curler can be wiped with a dry, lint-free cloth.  Attachments can be cleaned with a damp cloth and should be allowed to dry overnight before using again.