The Original Curl Up & Dry, 1-Step Dry & Style

Hair Curler

A big hair hero that combines with the power of a round brush and a dryer in one! For a weightless, salon-worthy, bouncy blow-out in the comfort of your own home, in minutes.

  • 1200W Hot Air Brush
  • Big brush attachment for salon blow-dry
  • Innovative tapered ‘Air Wand’ attachment for effortless curls and waves
  • Dries and styles at the same time
  • Variable heat/speed settings
  • Cool shot to set style
  • 3m flexible heat resistant swivel power cord
  • UK/EU plug adaptor

Packaging may vary


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Lee Stafford

Lee's Tips

“The Air Wand works magically on curly hair as a root diffuser as it’s able to penetrate the hair getting close to the scalp. All the heat but without the blow that can cause frizz.”

Bought this to support drying my own and my little girl’s very thick hair which can look a little lack lustre and dull. I can’t believe how shiny it has made her blond hair. The large brush is the perfect size and so soft to brush hair with. I’m so impressed!

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  • How to Use

A salon-style blowout – in minutes.

An all in one styler, this big hair hero combines the power of a round brush and dryer in one! Forget wrestling with a drier and a brush! With just one tool, you can create a weightless, salon-worthy, bouncy blow-out in the comfort of your own home in minutes. All with just one hand!

Perfect for all hair types, the Curl Up & Dry Air Styler comes with two essential attachments; the Big Brush (38mm) or the Air Wand’ (32mm- 15mm), allowing you to switch up your looks in a snap. For voluminous, frizz-free, gravity-defying hair, go BIG in a single step with the Big Brush. As you dry your hair, the soft, precision bristles work to detangle and smooth for a mirror-like shine. The brush helps you create instant volume as you dry, and variable heat/speed settings allow you to set the style. The game-changing Air Wand features an innovative conical design to curl and set your look with hot air. Simply snap on the attachment, wrap hair in sections around the barrel, hold and release for loose curls that are perfectly imperfect every time. The super handy Air Wand can also be used as a root diffuser – spreading the heat without the blow.

Another Lee Stafford multi-tasking, time-saving styler. Dry and style your hair simultaneously for effortless, wearable hair that makes you feel confident (and quickly).

Ensure the Air Styler is turned off and the attachments are cool before removing. To remove an attachment, press and hold the brush lock/release button and twist the attachment clockwise about 5mm until the attachment detaches from the Air Styler handle. To attach, align the “-” symbol on the handle with the lock symbol on the attachment and twist about 5mm anti-clockwise until the symbols are alighted and the brush lock/release button clicks into place.

The Air Styler Brush can be used on wet or damp hair. We find we get the best styling results on clean, slightly damp hair.

For a salon-style blowout, simply use as you would a normal hairbrush. Section hair and start from the bottom, hold the Air Brush close to the root but under the section, lift brush through hair as you dry section by section.

Repeat until each section of hair is fully dry. To freeze the style in place, apply the cool setting before unrolling the brush from the hair.

The Air Wand can be used to create effortless waves. Simply wind hair around the tapered barrel and hold until it dries. Release section and take another.

Set the style with a mist of our Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hairspray, or for lighter hold with more movement, use our Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Look after me!
Ensure the unit is unplugged and cool. Wipe clean any build-up of styling products with a damp cloth (do not scrub).