Lee Stafford Hair Growth

A NEW & IMPROVED regime to target hair that won’t grow past a certain length, as well as keeping long hair happy. Hip hip hooray.

Our already award-winning Lee Stafford Hair Growth collection has been improved and now contains 2 x Pro-Growth™ complex! Formulated to power and protect hair from within, helping it to grow longer and stronger than ever before. With a protein-based complex to fuel follicles, the Lee Stafford Hair Growth collection creates a healthy scalp, helping hair to grow faster and reach its maximum length.

Hair Growth Products

Our Lee Stafford hair growth range is the best product for promoting hair growth. Our hair growth products stimulate the metabolic activity of your hair bulb cells, this encourages your hair to grow faster and stronger.

Lee Stafford creates his hair growth products to fit within your whole regime from preparing and massaging your scalp to cleaning and styling your hair.

What Can Our Hair Growth Range Do Fof You?

When used as a regime our Hair Growth collection can: