Lee Stafford Curly Hair Products

Curly hair products for everyday care for thirsty curls. Enjoy frizz-free, controlled and soft curly hair. Give your curls the boost they need to give you the confidence you deserve.

INTRODUCING… For the love of curls!

Our newest curly hair product range, products dedicated to washing, refreshing and styling your waves, curls or coils. This curly hair product range has options for curl types 2A to 4C.  Restoring, repairing and styling your hair.

Want to curl your hair?

Check out our hair curler range for gorgeous corkscrew curls or sumptuous wavy locks!

Do you know how to maintain your curly hair?

Let us help you maintain and elevate your curly hair. Our newest For The Love Of Curls range has curly hair products for washing, refreshing and styling your curly hair.  We understand that no two curls are the same. The length of your hair, density, porosity, and texture all make a difference in how it reacts to products. Our curly girl friendly hair products were created to tackle curly hair types 2A to 4C with different products suitable for each.