The Goodness Inside!

At Lee Stafford we are as passionate about what goes into our amazing products as ensuring they do what we say they are going to do.  We pride ourselves in using the best of ingredients available, whether that’s naturally sourced wonder botanicals or the latest in scientific discoveries to get incredible performance.  We want to be open and transparent to as to why we use ingredients and what they are in our products for, so indulge your curiosity with our ingredient overview.  If you have any questions on ingredients or our formulations please get in touch!

Click an ingredient to see more about what is is used for and which products it is used in.

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Vegan Friendly Products

A lot of our lovely Lee Stafford products are free from animal derived ingredients and are vegan friendly.  Some of our products may not be suitable for vegans, this is because they contain animal derived ingredients such as Beeswax, Silk Protein or Lanolin.  These are classed as ‘vegetarian friendly.’

We have started to put our new ‘Vegan Friendly’ and ‘Vegetarian friendly’ logo on pack but not all have been up-dated yet.  If you would like to know more about this just get in touch.

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Against Animal Testing

This is a matter very close to our hearts here at Lee Stafford so fear not! You can rest easy and enjoy our lovely products knowing that they are absolutely not tested on animals and are cruelty free. Below is a statement from PETA which covers us as well.

“In 2003, the EU responded to the long-standing public campaign against cosmetics tested on animals by introducing a ban on animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries inside the EU – not just for finished products but, critically, for their individual ingredients, too. That ban was introduced in stages and became complete in 2009. As a result, no testing on animals for cosmetics now takes place anywhere in the EU.”

There are no grey areas here as it is simply illegal to sell any product or raw material that has been tested on animals. We also commit to not retailing in countries that have the requirement to test on animals.