JUiCY RePair OiL

JUiCY RePair OiL
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50 ml ℮ 1.7 FL OZ
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These oils will leave hair pampered, repaired, restored and full of juicy goodness once again.

This repairing saviour, rich in Mafura Oil has the ability to penetrate and restore coarse/damaged hair. Due to its rich concentration, unlike most commercial oils, it can penetrate the cuticle to get deep down to the cortex to repair hair where it really matters. Mafura Oil is extracted from the kernel of the Mafura fruit whose oil is highly concentrated giving a luxuriously rich texture. The oil content of the kernel is as much as 65%.

Top Tips

  • Apply to wet or dry hair
  • Rub a couple of drops of oil between your hands (adjust to suit length and thickness of hair) and apply from mid-lengths to ends
  • Remember you can always add but can't take away!
  • Avoid application nearer the root, to allow for natural body and movement


  • Repairing
  • Concentrated
  • Rich
  • Luxurious
  • Great fragrance