The BiG ShOWer coMb

The BiG ShOWer coMb
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The perfect HAiR hook uP!

My BiG ShOWer coMb gently glides through the hair to bring it bouncing back to life! Perfect for damaged, broken and over-processed hair to give it some much needed TLC when wet. Its wide teeth and ultimate grip allow you to easily and gently glide the comb through wet hair without any damage. It also has a handy hook you can hang in the shower so you always have your comb to hand!

Top Tips

  • Apply your favourite Lee Stafford CoNDiTiONER or TREaTMENT to wet hair
  • Glide this comb from root to tip to evenly distribute the product and help comb out any knots


  • Detangles
  • Smoothing
  • Helps Prevents Damage