BiG smOOthing brush

BiG smOOthing brush
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Instantly coMbats staTiC!

My BiG smOOthing brush is perfect for creating silky, soft and seriously smooth locks! With added ceramic technology, this round brush helps combat static. It’s also been designed with a soft grip handle, giving you complete control of your look!

Top Tips

  • For a super sleek blow dry, blast dry hair until it’s 80% dry
  • Separate hair into manageable sections using the tip of the brush
  • Aim the hair dryer airflow down the hair shaft, from the roots to the ends of the hair to smooth the cuticle
  • Remember to curl the brush round as you go – this helps achieve glamorous movement at the ends and add lift at the roots!


  • Anti-Static
  • Smoothing
  • Softens