BLEAch BLondes HoT sHOtS

BLEAch BLondes HoT sHOtS
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4 x 15ml ℮ 0.5 FL OZ
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Goodbye brassy, hello baby blonde

One of the most common problems that blonde clients tell me about is the harsh brassy blonde which can be difficult to eliminate. So I’ve created this ash shampoo treatment which literally gets to the root of the problem by targeting brassy, canary yellow tones in blonde hair…in a shot!

Specially formulated for natural, coloured or highlighted hair, this purple shampoo treatment packs a punch stopping brassiness dead in its tracks, reviving your icy white blonde hair. 4 blondes is crammed full of PRO-BLONDE™ complex with extra moisturisers to refresh and revitalise your hair, leaving it bright and baby blonde once more.

Top Tips

  • Remove any dirt or residue by cleansing as normal with your regular Lee Stafford shampoo, and rinse
  • Then tone your blonde by washing with this colour correcting blonde hotshot!
  • Massage into the scalp and leave on for 2 minutes
  • Rinse, then moisturise with your usual Lee Stafford conditioner
  • Only use blonde hotshots every other time you wash your hair


  • Makes hair bright and baby blonde once more
  • Stops brassiness dead in its tracks
  • Moisturising
  • Great fragrance


"AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING . Hi just to let you know I have just used a blonde hot shot to tone down yellow . WELL .my natural hair is dark dark brown and i bleach it myself - full bleach 40 vol peroxide ...I know horrendous . But I usually have a hint of yellow at the roots . I have tried literally EVERYTHING on the market to no avail . Then yesterday saw the wee shot things and thought ..oh well here is more money down the drain . I have used 1 and it is FABULOUS . hAIR LOVELY AND WHITE and soft well as soft as thick coarse wavy bleached hair can be. So just wanted to say thank you. I AM ALL BIZ. Anne English "

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