Watch my video for a taster in some of the techniques you will learn at the Lee Stafford Education Academies:

I’m very passionate about giving young professionals the best opportunity for a good education within hair dressing. This is something I didn’t have access to when I was starting out as a hairdresser and it’s so important to be armed with the right tools and a wealth of knowledge when entering the world of hair dressing today. For this reason, I've put all my efforts into opening the Lee Stafford Education programme in Abingdon & Witney College, Chichester College, Croydon College, Doncaster College, Knowsley College, North Kent College, North Lindsey College, Peterborough College, South Tyneside College and Tresham College.

The college staff share my passion in delivering this ultimate training programme to ensure that our students are the most employable in the country; as stylists/colourists or as confident employees in the careers of their choice.

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