In this little mock interview, hopefully you’ll find all the answers to the questions people ask me most. I’ve tried to cover all the questions I've had by email since the site went up, so a big thanks to everyone who has been in touch. If you keep sending me your queries I’ll add to the interview over time and credit you for your contribution.

Who was the first person’s hair that you cut?
It was my Dad’s and he seemed really quite pleased with the result; I was ecstatic about it - I couldn’t leave it alone, and kept touching it and adjusting it in the car on the way home!

Have you ever made any big mistakes on a client’s hair?
Once I cut off someone’s comb over by mistake, it only ended up going half way across his bald head in a dead straight line. He never came back in, but I always thought that I did him kind of a favour!

Why did you go into hairdressing?
It was something I fell into. I remember discussing work options with my mum and we were in a salon at the time. She said “you don’t like getting your hands dirty, you hate the cold, you like wearing nice clothes and you love women”...I have never looked back!

Why did you want to create your own hair products?
So I didn’t need to use a bit of this and a bit of that - this way I could have one reliable brand that says what it does on the bottle! It’s also means I can give and recommend the best products to my loyal customers. It’s something that I am really proud of.

What are your ambitions?
The success I’ve had has enabled me to create my dreams and ideas in a far more rounded and complete way. I hope to continue with my successful career and keep working in the world of hair dressing for as long as possible. I know of many hairdressers whose work, talent and enthusiasm I inspire me and I hope I can inspire others like this through my training and events. 

I’ve also got more ideas for innovative products which I’d love to see people using and creating great new styles with; keep your eye out - they’ll be coming soon - and I’ll be keeping my eye on your hair!

Which celebrities’ hair do you cut?
I can’t deny that I’ve done famous people’s do’s. Some of them I’ve worked with, others are just interested in the sort of thing that I do which is a great compliment (especially when you see them again, look at their style and think I did that)! I dislike name dropping though, I’m as committed to creating a good look for any client whether a-list, b-list or shopping-list. I care about what I do, not who I do. Let’s just say I have been known to style a celeb or two, and leave it at that.

Where did you get that cross necklace?
A number of you were interested to know where I’d picked up the cross necklace that I was seen wearing in The Hairdresser.

I bought the necklace some time ago from Dolce & Gabbana and really loved it. But I won’t be wearing it anymore as one of you offered to buy it off me, so congratulations to the lucky owner!

How do I get my hair cut by Lee Stafford?
Check out my Couture Appointments and I’ll be snipping and styling your hair in no time! 

What’s your advice to young hairdressers?
My advice for someone starting in the industry is start with the best you possibly can. If you have to travel a long way, do it. If you are going to earn very little because of the cost of travel or digs, just do it. The training is essential whatever the cost. If you play tennis with Sampras every day, and you have the enthusiasm, energy and drive, the chances are looking hot; it’s the same in our game.