Here at Lee Stafford HQ, we pride ourselves on creating the best possible products for each hair colour and blondes are NO exception…
With so many different shades of blonde, we don’t believe one size fits all. Every blonde has their goal tone and we are here to help you achieve it! Thats why we created this blog. You can also hear the differences, tips and FAQ’s from Lee Stafford here: Purple VS Blue With Lee Stafford

Bleach Blonde hair is notorious for colour shifting. Mineral deposits in hard water, UV exposure, environmental pollution and chlorine can give a warm yellow hue to even ashiest of blondes.
Stop brassy tones in their tracks and hit refresh with the Bleach Blondes collection… formulated with violet (Purple Reign Collection) or blue (Ice White Collection) pigments to neutralise yellow tones, add vibrancy and keep blonde hair in check.

How does a Toning Shampoo work?

Toning shampoo contains colour pigment that helps to keep yellow or orange undertones at bay. Think of it as your at-home toner that helps to beat the brass by depositing purple pigment into the cuticle. This helps to keep blondes looking bright and fresh with a cool, ash tone.

With that said…

Are you PURPLE or are you BLUE?

Let’s start off with the facts on blonde colour tones. If you take a look at the colour wheel, you will see orange and yellow are next to each other (warm tones) and the blue and purple are next to each other (cool tones). As you can see the warm tones and cool tones are directly opposite each other, which means they eliminate and cancel out each other’s colour tone.

Purple sits directly opposite yellow on the colour wheel which means purple pigment helps to cancel out unwanted yellow tones leaving blondes looking fresh and vibrant.

Blue sits directly opposite orange on the colour wheel which means blue pigment helps to knock out unwanted orange tones and helps achieve that cool, icy look.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes – PURPLE REIGN

Our UNIQUE violet pigment targets and eliminates yellow tones and keeps brassy hair at bay.
If your hair is looking on the yellow side, look no further! Our PURPLE REIGN collection will have those yellow tones banished in no time…

Purple Reign Toning Shampoo
Cleans up blonde and neutralises brassy tones, whilst keeping blonde hair bright and vibrant (use every other wash).

Purple Reign Toning Conditioner
Violent pigment wrapped in a hydrating conditioner to lock in moisture (use every other wash to keep hair bright and fresh).

Purple Reign Toning Treatment Mask
Instantly tone and repair over-processed, damaged hair for a brighter blonde.

Purple Reign Toning Hot Shots Treatment Sachets
Eliminates stubborn yellow tones and helps diffuse warm shades.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes – ICE WHITE

For those whose blonde can be prone to yellow tones, our ICE WHITE collection helps you to achieve a beautiful cool, ashy hue.

Ice White Toning Shampoo
A powerful ‘silveriser’. Blue pigments are deposited into hair fibres, helping to tone blonde hair (use every other day for a more grey/silver tone).

Ice White Toning Conditioner
An intensely nourishing conditioner to help tone and strengthen blonde hair (use every other wash to keep colour cool and vibrant).

Ice White Toning Treatment Mask
Repair, strengthen and nourish fragile, processed hair, whilst neutralising yellow undertones.

Ice White Cool Shots Treatment Sachets
Four individual correcting blue shampoo treatments designed to give blonde hair an icy shade in a shot.

Ice White Tone Correcting Conditioning Spray
A hydrating mist packed with violet pigment to combat warm tones.

Dont forget to check out our Purple VS Blue page here!

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