Bigger, better and more coconutty than ever before, the brand-new-and-improved CoCo LoCo collection from Lee Stafford now contains added Agave Extract for shiny, hydrated and happy hair.

Beneath the husky and impenetrable shell of a Coconut, lies a powerful and intensely hydrating Oil that gives hair moisture, movement and shine. This do-it-all wonder Oil is a natural nutrient that provides the essential proteins required for nourishing and repairing damaged hair. It has so many benefits that it has always formed the core of the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo collection, but now it also contains Agave Essence for added movement and shine.

If you loved our previous CoCo LoCo collection, you’re going to love this range even more! If you’re interested in buying but want to know more about how to apply and Lee’s top tips then please see below!

WASH – CoCo LoCo with Agave Shine Shampoo (250ml) £6.99

  • Vegetarian
  • For added moisture, movement and shine.
  • Always shampoo twice. The first shampoo removes dirt, oil, pollution and product residue. The second shampoo gives you that big lather that makes hair feel really clean.
  • Also available in XXL 600ml £10.99 and MINI 50ml £1.99

NOURISH – CoCo LoCo with Agave Shine Mask (200ml) £7.99

  • Vegetarian – Nourishes dry or damaged hair leaving it softer than ever.
  • Always use a Conditioner after the Treatment as Shampoo opens up the cuticles which will allow the mask to work its magic. Then apply Conditioner to seal in shine.
  • Also available in a 20ml sachet £1.99

CONDITION – CoCo LoCo with Agave Shine Conditioner (250ml) £6.99

  • Vegetarian
  • A lightweight formula that hydrates and leaves hair soft to touch.
  • Massage the Conditioner through the hair starting from the bottom to the mid sections. This locks in moisture by sealing in the hair cuticle.
  • Also available in XXL 600ml £10.99 and MINI 50ml £1.99

STYLE  – CoCo LoCo with Agave Shine Blow & Go 11-in-1 Lotion (100ml) £6.99

  • Vegetarian
  • A multitasking miracle Lotion with 11 benefits to protect, nourish and stop colour fading.
  • Only a pea sized amount is needed before blowdrying, you can also use on dry hair throughout the day to hydrate and tame.

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CoCo LoCo with Agave Heat Protection Mist (150ml) £5.99

  • Vegetarian
  • Spritz on hair before using heat styling tools to protect and shield against temperatures up to 220 degrees.
  • Instead of spraying directly onto the hair, spray above the area so the Mist has time to settle and doesn’t overload the hair.

CoCo LoCo with Agave Shine Oil (75ml) £7.99

  • Vegan
  • Banish frizz, tame flyaways for glossy hydrated hair.
  • Apply a couple of drops just before bed and notice silky, soft and glossy hair when you wake. The perfect no mess overnight treatment.

CoCo LoCo with Agave Moisture Mist (150ml) £6.99

  • Vegan
  • Smooths out unwanted frizz whilst softening, nourishing and hydrating.
  • Spritz the Mist throughout the day to refresh hair. Smooth or scrunch through the mid-lengths and ends and watch your hair bounce with hydration.

CoCo LoCo with Agave Colour & Damage Defender (100ml) £4.99

  • Vegan
  • Say hello to beach babe hair and protect against colour fade and UV rays.
  • Spray generously over the crown of your head, the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

CoCo LoCo with Agave Firm Hold Hairspray (250ml) £5.99

  • Vegan
  • Add hold and texture that lasts all day. No crunchy residue here!
  • Gently spritz 30cm away from your hair over your style to lock in the shape all day.

CoCo LoCo with Agave Volumising Mousse (200ml) £5.99

  • Vegan
  • A smoothing Mousse that adds body, volume and bounce with a deliciously coconutty fragrance.
  • For instant lift, massage your scalp continually all over when hair drying.

CoCo LoCo with Agave Dry Shampoo (200ml) £4.99

  • Vegan
  • Soak up any excess oil for instantly fresher hair with this tropical Dry Shampoo. Perfect for second-day hairstyles.
  • Don’t just wait for dirty hair to apply Dry Shampoo, spritz before bed to help soak up oily roots overnight. Perfect for those wanting to hit the snooze button in the morning for an extra ten minutes in bed.

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