The young creatives of this world!

As a lover of all things creative I have to say that I find it extremely refreshing and inspiring to be able to support a competition such as this. Cosmopolitan magazine ran a competition whereby applicants had to submit their designs for the front cover of January’s editition. Out of over one hundred entries, the lovely Abygail Bradley from Merseyside won with her very originally and unique lipstick cover. Her cover symbolised the fact that every woman is different and special in their own little ways – as represented by all the different types of lipstick kisses on the front cover. Or in Abygail’s words:

My design was inspired by the idea that everybody has a different perspective on what makes an Ultimate Woman. The lipstick print is like a fingerprint, unique to every woman. The beauty of it is that these kisses could be from women of any race, size, age or background – it’s accessible for everyone.

Abygail is only 20 years old, a graphic design student that had never been to London before. It was an honour to be able to do her hair for the judgement day at Cosmo’s head office in London along with 5 other finalists.

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