An Appointment With Lee

When getting your haircut in a salon, most hairdressers will only see you from the neck up in a very unflattering black gown! This makes it impossible to assess the client properly, therefore creating a hairstyle that is totally unconnected to their body shape and size.

So first, I’ll have you stand before me and I’ll appraise your whole body and how the hair is in relation to your height, weight etc.

I’ll be asking lots of questions! What is your lifestyle? What are your priorities? What looks do you love? (Julie Christie in Shampoo, Jean Seberg in Breathless, Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany, Brigitte Bardot bed-head). By asking such questions I can be sure to make you look how you want to look.

In order to ensure the cut is couture, I’ll size up your head, bone structure, height, taste in clothes and colouring before talking about your hair. Much as a couture suit can make you look pounds lighter, lengthen a neck or define a non-existent waist, so the couture cut will create cheekbones, highlight eyes, give definition to jawline, make a skull perfect, create a swan’s neck and even disguise things that you’re self-conscious about.

I’ll give you a post-cut master-class on how to maintain the cut which means you’ll leave looking cool rather than like a CNN newsreader. Part of the appeal of couture is the intimacy – I do everything to break down barriers and to get in behind the facade we all put across.

Once you wear a couture suit, you can never go back to off the peg – the skills involved, the way it hangs and looks, the way everyone thinks you look great but can’t quite put their finger on why, the way it enhances and down plays as it should – this is why my couture cut is worth every penny. Rosie Green from Elle Magazine experienced my couture haircut to report her thoughts. The two page article was incredibly flattering and I loved the finishing quote that really hits the nail on the head: ”
You can’t buy happiness but it can buy fabulous hair” Rosie Green, Elle Magazine

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