Fun Bun
Fun Bun

Step 1: Prep your hair by spraying with my HoLD TiGHT HAiR SPRaY - this will stop your hair form sliding out of the style

Step 2: This style tends to look best on medium to long hair

Step 3: Using my paddle brush, spray the bristles with hair spray for extra grip – sweep hair into a pony tail using a snag free elastic band that sits higher up on the crown of your head

Step 4: Gently backcomb the pony from underneath to create more volume for your bun as weight and volume at the crown creates a very flattering silhouette

Step 5: Gently start to twist the ponytail

Step 6: You can then manipulate the hair round so it sits on the base of the pony tail in a bun shape

Step 7: As you twist gently, pin into place with pins and Kirby grips using the other hand

Step 8: Finish the look with a skinny alice band and a gentle mist of HoLD TiGHT HAiR SPRaY to fix into place, counteract the matt look of the hairspray with a little bit of my SHiNE HEaD SPRaY SHiNE to create a polished glimmer

Top Tip
Always remember to get dressed before you do your hair as if you have to pull a top or dress over your head then you will ruin the style you have created.